Beautiful lady proposes to her boyfriend

lady propose to her boyfriend

A video fast spreading on the like a ‘fire in harmattan’ captures the moment a beautiful lady proposed to her at the restaurant.

In our society, it’s expected of men to do the and not the other way round.

But as seen in the video, the lady took the bold step and her happily accepted and stretched forth his finger for the ring to be placed in its position.

The video has sparked conversations on social media. Celebrities Buzz observed that some people were of the view that a lady proposing to a man isn’t the right thing because it is almost as if ‘she’s presenting herself cheaply’ to the man.

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Whiles others also said they admire the confidence of the lady and that it’s not a or demeaning for her to take that bold step.

Watch the video below:


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Lady proposes Love to boyfriend

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