Coded 4×4 made his choice after Kwaku Manu asked: ‘Between a Bible & a woman’s buttocks which one will you pick?’

Coded of defunct music group 4X4 made a choice he believes is right after he was asked to pick between a Holy Bible and a woman’s buttocks.

Taking a critical look at the ‘Dey Pain Dem’ hit-maker, one can automatically guess what his choice and taste when it comes to that particular question.

Kwaku Manu as part of his ‘Aggressive Interview’ managed to get hold of Coded on his hot seat.

'Between a Holy Bible & a woman's buttocks which one will you pick?' - Coded 4x4 makes his choice after he was asked by an interviewer

Asking him a straight forward question to choose between a woman’s backside and the Holy Bible, Coded couldn’t control himself but laughed out loud in shock.

He then took a breath and then went for a woman’s butt.

Upon second thought, he immediately changed his choice and picked up the Bible.

He obviously sounded much more confident on the backside of a woman.

The interview was shot 4 months ago.

Watch The Video Below: