Boyfriend bought a house & car for his girlfriend who stayed with him when he was broke

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A lady on Twitter has offered priceless advice to all women to stay with their men during the days that they have nothing because there is always a brighter day for every hustler.

According to the user bearing the name ‘UrModa’, she dated her man for 7 years. She explained that her boyfriend had nothing on him by then.

In addition, ‘UrModa’ noted that she just received a new house and a car from the same man she fed for years.

She tweeted:

“Stay with your boyfriend & love him when he has nothing, there is always a brighter day for every man. My boyfriend that we dated for almost 7 years just bought me a house and a car. He was very broke when we met but I showed him my support and love. Love you baby boo now and 4eva.”

Why is it necessary for a lady to stick with his man?

When you see your man clearly having a vision, you need not let him go. That man can be worth millions when you reason with him.

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Many great and wealthy wives of rich men started from the scratch with them.

It is, therefore, prudent we take notice of this.

See Tweet Below:


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