Chioma’s Fiancee Davido has publicly disclosed where he gave his cucumber to her today.

Well, someone may ask why is this story so important? It is important especially when you are wondering where and when it is better for sex to take place. Or when you are the type that pries his or her eyes into the private life of celebrities.

The life of a celebrity is characterised by controversies and sometimes not-too-serious pieces of stuff but that is what makes them relevant.

As a celebrity, when you stop to make the news, people start to move away from you and embrace the one making the headlines and generating the rumours.

In an Instagram conversation, a fan wrote that Davido should give some hot aromatic strokes of painless cucumber to Chioma for doing a great painting job for him.

Davido replied immediately by stating that he has just finished serving Chioma with some hot cucumber right under the shower that will definitely make her scream for joy under the shower.

Chioma and Davido have been love birds for some time but no one knows much about their sexual life but Davido has revealed the master trick that he has used to get Chioma glued to him.

According to not-too-popular research conducted by someone, I don’t know, having sex under the shower is one of the best experiences on Earth. It has emerged that the coolness of the water coupled with the closeness of flesh makes the exercise a very enjoying one.

Many also believe sex under the shower comes with good luck since the water washes away all your sins as you baptized yourselves in the sweet stream of everlasting enjoyment.

The next time you want to have a great sexual exercise, Davido and Chioma have taught you and me where and what we should do.

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