Choosing the best mother for your children is better than choosing a beautiful, curvy wife for your self


    Marriage they say is choosing the right partner because it is a long arduous journey that never ends and never offers realistic breaks.

    Therefore, it is always a prudent decision to go in for someone whose compatibility with you is universal and eternal.

    A tweet from @King_Hakinz sums up the saying that beauty is fleeting and charm is deceitful but a woman with the right attitude is cherished.

    It is always advisable to choose between two necessary evils. That applies to the kind of woman you wish to settle with.

    Will you choose to marry a beautiful, curvy woman with all the physical fantasies that you crave for? Or you will go in a for a partner who you can make a home with.

    Do not forget this saying: Men make houses, women make homes. Go in for a woman who can turn your place of abode to a haven.

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