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What happened in Kasoa should be blamed on TV channels that allow Mallams to advertise Sakawa money - Comedian Waris

Just yesterday, was thrown into a state of mourning after news and videos from Kasoa indicated that some two teenage boys killed their friend for an alleged money rituals.

In the videos, one of the boys who appear to be around 13 years was seen lying dead in a pool of blood.

And it’s reported that the two other boys who were picked up by the police killed him so that they can use him for money rituals.


Ghanaian comic sensation, , has spoken on this. In a new video, he said TV stations that allow Mallams, juju men and pastors to preach about quick ways of making money should be partly blamed for influencing these kids.

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“About the Kasoa incident that happened where two friends killed their friend  for money rituals or whatsoever…it is very disturbing and this shouldn’t be happening in our country but a lot of it happen and they are not being caught so we’re lucky we caught this people”, Comedian Waris stated.

Speaking further, he said:

“Now, the thing is that Ghanaians, we are cowards…we are cowards. We know the Genesis of this whole thing. Part of it should be blamed on the TV channels who show Mallams, Juju men, and some pastor coming on TV talking about how to make money…and bring this one without blood and whatever”.

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“All these influence the guys to do a lot of things and I think it’s high time NCA or whoever is responsible should check up the things we show on TV. because if we don’t do that our children are at risk…our is at risk.”, he said in conclusion.

Watch the video below:

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