Reports says The microphone is still with Cecilia Marfo and Counselor Baka insists she could have advised her colleague gospel musician in a more respectful manner.

It was a very bizarre moment when Cecilia Marfo snatched microphone from Joyce Blessings and Ordered her to go back to her husband. Leaving the l swerve singer in tears.

Some section of Ghanaians have argued in favor of Cecilia with strong claims one cannot control the spirit since it enters you and order you to perform a particular task. This is a fallacy in the view of Counselor Baka.

According to him, one can control the way they behave under the anointing hence the Afunumba singers action is preventable. He supported his view with a Bible verse which says “and the spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophet”

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Counselor Baka Quotes powerful Bible verse to condemn Cecilia Marfo’s action.
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