COVID-19: We do not need free food, give us free soap, bags of rice, electricity, and milo because the cooked foods can be infected – Female residents of Mamobi


Some female residents of Mamobi a slum suburb in Accra have vehemently rejected government free food been distributed to poor people as the fight against the virus intensifies.

The initiative which is been carried out by the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) under the auspices of the Ministry of Sanitation has seen a downturn.

These women when interviewed said:


 “Please, we are very hungry. We were in the house when they brought the cooked food to us to eat. We don’t know those who cooked the food. Now that is taking over the country, we may never know if those who cooked the food are infected or not and so we had to reject the food,” they said.

“We’ve been asked to stay home and that government will feed us and yes government has delivered as promised, but we were expecting bags of rice, oil, sardines, and provisions so we do the cooking ourselves, not already cooked meals. This thing the government is doing won’t help us at all,” they said angrily.

The government has begun the distribution of free meals to over 400,000 Ghanaians in locked-down areas amidst the outbreak in .

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This was announced by President Nana on Sunday when he addressed the nation to update Ghanaians on some measures being taken by the government in the fight against the pandemic.

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Video Credit: Adomonline

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