Rapper D-Black is asking a question that most Ghanaians will be imagining how their reactions could be even though that might get him in the wrong books of our fashion man Osebo.

Osebo is widely known for his different ways of dressing, from wearing skirts to high waist trousers among other unusual ones.

Picking some few collections of his most recent drips, The Rapper is imagining how the scene would be should Osebo represent anyone as his or her father during a Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) meeting.

“Teacher: Hello your dad is in for the PTA meeting…u see this from the back where you’re seated with your squad What will you do?” He asked.

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D-Black ask Ghanaians what they will do if Osebo arrived as their Dad for PTA meeting in his normal drip.

Check some of the reactions to his question below.

“😹😹😹. I’ll not talk to him throughout that day and I’ll tell him not to show in my PTA meeting again… No 🧢”

“Will just get closer and take him to the dinning hall”

“Ago run enter de skirt inside 😂”

“I go still sit with my guys….na mumu dad diee 3y3 slow…”

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