‘Dad you left too early’ – DJ Arafat children’s tribute to him

When all is set and done, our final home is the soil from which we were made.

Finally finally, Ivorian superstar DJ Arafat has been buried.

A state funeral was held for him.

During his wake keeping which was held yesterday at Felix Houphouët Boigny stadium, there were a whole lot of musical performances.

After which close members gave their tributes. His children were not left out.

Three of DJ Arafat’s five children came on stage to read a heart touching tribute to their father.

They roared and vibrated just like their father with people at the vigil cheering them on.

The name of the three children of DJ Arafat which went on stage are called Mael Houon, Ezechiel Houon and Lachoina Houon.

Below is their full tribute:

‘ Thank you to everyone present during this ceremony. You have shown your affection to our father, and we thank you very much.

He was a great father for us, I will always keep in memory all our moments of complicity some of which were shared with you, Papa you left too early, too quickly and too suddenly, but you will always be in our heart We will love you forever and you will always be our Yôrôbô, thank you! Dad, we love you. You’ll always in our heart, “said young Mael.
– Thank you China! replied Lachoina
– Thank you China … you are great, also retouched the little Ezechiel who showed great enthusiasm, like his father.

While the Daishikan’s children were to the public, we could see the young widow Carmen Sama in tears.

A scene that caused several Chinese and Chinese who could not hold back their tears.

As a reminder, Arafat has a total of five children.

In addition to the three children on stage, there is also 2-year-old Rafna Houon, the daughter of Carmen Sama, and the little Owen Houon who is in USA, but who could not make the trip.

To those who can French, watch them below as they read the tribute:

In related news, there was a lot of commotion at the funeral as some fans had problem with Arafat’s family.

Nigerian musician, Davido was also seen weeping after seeing the corpse of DJ Arafat laid in state.

You can also see photos of DJ Arafat’s body being laid in state.

You can read full biography of DJ Arafat here.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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