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Discover the Hvalsey Church in Greenland

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Guests to Greenland, a giant island found within the North Atlantic, encounter a mixture of Inuit and Norse historic previous along with a view of nature infrequently seen. It’s dotted with small villages and few roads. Hvalsey (additionally referred to as Whale Island), is found near Qaqortoq, the biggest metropolis in southern Greenland. It’s within the fjord of Hvalsey. This house contains the best preserved and largest web site of Norse ruins, notably the Hvalsey Church, thought-about one of many first Christian church buildings on the continent of North America.


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Discover the Hvalsey Church in Greenland

Hvalsey Church

Earlier than Columbus had even considered discovering a model new, shorter path to India, Norse settlers had established communities in Greenland. Hvalsey, a farmstead within the Japanese Settlement, was the biggest of three Viking settlements there. Norse farmers from Iceland settled it in about 985. Vikings in Greenland constructed the Hvalsey Church all through the middle of the twelfth century to serve the Christians residing in Hvalsey Fjord and the shut by house.

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When it was at its peak, the Hvalsey Parish house included the church along with 14 completely different buildings. Archaeologists think about that these may have included storehouses, residential properties or the priest’s home. Different ruins may be these of a banquet hall and a residential difficult.

Church of Hvalsey

Most indicators of the completely different buildings have disappeared, nevertheless the Hvalsey Church nonetheless has all 4 partitions, between 4.5 and 6 meters (15 and 20 ft) extreme, along with the openings for two house home windows and three entrances. The picket inside and the roof are actually not there, nevertheless the church itself seems very similar to it did when the settlers abandoned it within the fifteenth century.


The farmstead, of which Hvalsey Church was a component, was occupied from the eleventh century by way of the fifteenth century. On September 16, 1408, a wedding was held on the church, and the documentation of this celebration is the ultimate report of the Vikings residing there. A short time later, they disappeared from Greenland for unknown causes. Some archaeologists suppose that native climate modifications made it powerful to farm and ranch, whereas others think about that identification and monetary points introduced in regards to the Vikings to return to their ancestral properties.

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Not understanding whether or not or not the outdated Norse civilization remained in Greenland or not an expedition led by the Norwegian missionary Hans Egede was despatched to Greenland in 1721. The expedition found no surviving Vikings.

Hotel Qaqortoq view

As we speak, Hvalsey is positioned near town of Qaqortoq, with about 3,000 inhabitants nonetheless the fourth-largest metropolis in Greenland. Visiting the ruins of Hvalsey Church is like taking a pilgrimage once more in time. Together with a view of the idyllic house through which these early explorers lived, these ruins are all that’s left of the story of medieval Catholicism in Greenland.


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