Dag Heward-Mills

Founder and leader of Lighthouse Group of Church, Evangelist Dag-Heward Mills has advised Christians to quit arguing with people who want to quarrel about church.

In series of tweets, he stated that those arguments are unnecessary so those who doesn’t want to go shouldn’t be forced but a day will come when they’ll come to a realisation why they need to go to the house of God.

Read his tweets below:

“Anybody who wants to quarrel with you about church, just be quiet and say, “Look, I beg you. Be at where you are and I’ll be at where I am, I’ll do my best you too do your best…” When we get to Heaven, Jesus will sort out all issues.

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He’ll sit us down and say, “You were right about this, you were wrong about this.” Anybody who wants to engage with you is leading you to deception. No matter what you say about somebody, it can’t destroy the them unless God has decided to destroy the person.

Just leave everybody to do whatever they can. When you grow up and become more mature, you’ll be happy for every church that exists. When you see a church you’ll say “Thank God that you are doing something for the Lord.”

dag heward mills

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