okese1 and medikal

has fired back at a few hours after the AMG rapper tweeted that he does not fathom why people throw away years of friendship away for a 24-hour clout.

At the back of Okese1’s allegations that MDK is trying to sabotage his career, MDK tweeted: “It’s pathetic how people throw years of friendship away from a 24 hour clout”.

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Minutes after this tweet, Okese1 has fired more shots at ‘El Chairmano’.

In one of the tweets, he wrote that Medikal should admit that he’s wrong and apologise instead of trying to brag.

Clout???? ARE U OKAY??? U mess up u no go accept and apologize you der de make mouth… if Ebi any artist u go rant your mouth anyhow… U meet your meeter…Don’t try boy!!!!“, he tweeted.

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In another tweet, Okesse1 warned Medikal never to cross his path.

Check out his tweets below:

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Watch video below of Okese1’s shots at Medikal and Andy Dosty below:

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