Lynx Entertainment signee, Kidi has today walked out from a live interview at Accra 100.5 FM after Host Nana Romeo Welewele blasted him for being late to an interview that was scheduled to happen at 11 AM.

Apparently, Nana Romeo Welewele was angry because Kidi did this to him once after which he apologized only for him to repeat it again.

Kidi who felt attacked left the station after the Host told him that the interview can’t come on again since greater part of the time has been wasted by Kidi’s late arrival.

Kidi tried to apologise but Nana Romeo Welewele wouldn’t just take it.

Watch the video below:

My opinion

It’s true that Kidi repeating this act of lateness of the second time is not right. It brings home the idea that maybe he did it intentionally.

However, what I think the host Nana Romeo Welewele did wrong was to at least ask Kidi what caused his delay.

Maybe he was caught up in traffic. Something equally important came up which he needed to attend to among other reasons.

But the situation where he was attacking the musician as if he was a small kid or his son is just way over the bar.

Kidi also overreacted. He should have known better that his fans were waiting eagerly looking forward to hearing him out.

So even though, Nana Romeo Welewele called off the interview, he could have pleaded that they make use of the rest of the time although it’s already late. Maybe he can give some freestyles or whatever to satisfy the ears of his fans.

Whatever may, the harm has already been caused. But Nana Romeo Welewele should know that his ‘pride’ is stinking hot and he must keep it in check. Whether Kidi did that to him the second time or not, there must be a better way of talking to him rather than blasting him as if Kidi comes to him for chop money every morning.

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