Actor Prince David Osei has lashed out at homosexuals. It appears the screen-icon is not in anyway in support of lesbians and gays.

According to him, even Satan the devil himself is not a gay. When he went to the garden of Eden, he approached naked Eve not naked Adam.

So it’s not sensible for humans to chose the path of practicing same-sex relationship/marriage.

He wrote;

”Let’s Talk my people What the F is going on in GHANA …God created Adam and Eve,not Adam and Adam… Even Satan himself was not gay, he approach naked Eve not naked Adam..

prince david osei

Ghana will eventually legalize homosexuality – Rex Omar

Veteran highlife musician, Rex Omar, says Ghana will have no choice than legalise homosexuality in a few years to come.

It is the musician’s belief that there are people born with hormonal imbalances, resulting in their homosexual orientation, therefore, they cannot be condemned for their condition.

According to Omar, the rights of homosexuals cannot be violated because they are humans who need to be respected for their sexual preference.

“My take on homosexuality is this: People are homosexual by choice, they have decided to be homosexuals and that is their cup of tea. There are others who are also homosexual by nature, it is in their genes…”, he said on Accra Radio.

“I am not one of the people who speak against them [homosexuals] because even if in the whole-wide-world there are two people who are homosexual, they are also human beings and they have rights. So, I am not that person who talks down on them,” he added.

Asked if he will compose songs for the LGBT community, he said: “Why will they approach me for a song, for what? To promote homosexuality? I haven’t thought of that.

“In Africa, we have cultural sensibilities and not all of us are very broad-minded to understand this issue. The broad-minded people know that the reasons some countries have legalised homosexuality is because there are people, who, by nature, are ‘Kojo Besia’, a description for someone who is a man but has female beahviour. If you deliver a baby of that nature, will you throw it into the dustbin?…” he queried.

“This is a very controversial issue but I believe that as time goes on we will get to a point where we will understand some of these things.”

On whether he thinks Ghana will legalize homosexuality in the future, the “Nhyira” hitmaker said: “We will have no choice. Unlike prostitution, there is no one born to be a prostitute, it is a job of choice but these hormonal imbalances like a hermaphrodite, you can’t throw them away, so, why do we have to infringe on their rights?”

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