A Ghanaian policeman has stated ten reasons why he will not compromise his integrity and profession by taking a bribe.

Bitrim Jacob took to his Facebook Wall and stated 10 reasons why it is abominable to take bribe in the line of duty as a police officer.

Read the 10 reasons he adduced below:

1. By GOD’S grace i’m very much content with my salary .
2. Taking bribe might send an innocent person to prison
3. Bribes are curses in disguise to me
4. Bribe brings sickness, Bad luck and problems to the taker
5. Bribe taking will always cause the reoccurring of Crimes
6. I will give an account to my creator when I die
7. I respect myself, my job, my ( I. G. P ) and my country
8. I must be trusted in my uniform as a police officer
9 . I must be a role model to the upcoming ones who desire to be police officers in future.

10. GOD will judge me someday according to my deeds on earth.

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