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Ghanaians Divided over EC’s Publication of Voter details on Google drive.

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The Electoral Commission’s decision to publish Details of Voters on Google drive has sparked a debate between Ghanaians.

The Commission few days ago made available to the public a data on Google drive where you can identify your name, age and ID number only.

Reacting to the EC’s Publication, Joy FM made a post on social media asking it’s followers if it was good Choice by the Commission to release details of Voters to the public and it got Ghanaians divided over the act.

Some thinks it is a good idea by the Electoral commission to prove their transparency whiles others think it is never a good idea because it exposed public details to Fraudsters.

See some of the arguments below.

img 8817
People thinks its not a good idea.
img 8816
This session of people also believes it is a good idea.



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