Grateful Fameye Release old chats between himself and Medikal during his underground days.

Fameye has released a Facebook chat between himself and Medikal back in 2017.

The two musicians were school mates at the Odorgonor Senior high school. With Medikal being his colleague’s junior back in school, Fameye admits he is now the Junior in the music game.

“Medikal my jnr in school my snr in the game ?2017 as bossu dash me verse” Fameye wrote

He then released a short conversation between they had back in 2017 when MDK decided to give him a verse on one of his recordings. The same year he released ‘addiction’ featuring the rapper.

The Song with a perfect production going to VACS ,according to Fameye is actually a prayer to God and also a confesssion by any man who is a victim of the bad addictions he spoke about in it.


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