There has been a trending stories for some few days ago about and . It all started after the NKZ boss wanted a collaboration with the Rock Star but couldn’t reach out to him due to one way or the other.

Kuami Eugene in an interview with “Countryman Songo” on Adom TV, was asked why he has been turning Guru down for a collaboration, according to Kuami Eugene, Guru didn’t go by the right way and thus shouldn’t expect a feature with him after disrespecting his boss Richie Mensah.

Such comment by the “Open gate” composer has raised a reply from Guru.

In a post on Facebook, Guru expressed his disappointment in Kuami Eugene and took time to school him on certain things in the music industry.

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He recounted how he used to give out hitsongs back and forth and advised him not to have any issue with his record label (Lynx entertainment) before he leaves. ” I made sure I had not less than 4 hits songs every year and in 2014, I gave 10 MEGA hits in one calendar year, I don’t know how old you were at that time though.” He said.

According to him, he didn’t ask for collaboration because he needed a hit song but rather wanted the Rock Star to know how be he really appreciate his craft.

He concluded by wishing the “wish me well” hitman well.

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