If you have an abundance of apples and are looking for ways to use them up, make apple juice. Cut ripe apples and cook them with water on the stove until they’re soft. Then strain this mixture through a sieve to remove the juice. To make a smaller batch, blend raw apples with a little water and then strain the puree to get fresh apple juice.

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Making Apple Juice on the StoveEdit

1.Rinse 18 apples.

Since you’ll be leaving the peels on the apples, choose organic apples or apples that haven’t been sprayed with pesticide. Select your favorite type of apple or use a mix of:





Pink Lady

2. Cut the apples into slices.

Use a knife and cutting board to slice each apple into about 8 pieces. If you prefer, cut the apples with an apple segmenter that will remove the core at the same time.There’s no need to remove the cores, seeds, or peels since you’ll be straining it all out.


Put the apples in a pot and cover them with 2 inches (5.1 cm) of water. Place the apple slices along with any cores into a large pot and put it on the stove. Pour in enough water to come 2 in (5 cm) up the side of the pot.If you pour in too much water, you’ll dilute the juice.

4. Cover and simmer the apples for 20 to 25 minutes.

Turn the burner to medium-high so the water begins to boil. Reduce the heat to medium and put the lid on the pot. Let the apples simmer until they become very soft.Remove the lid and stir the apples occasionally to ensure they cook evenly.


Place a fine mesh strainer over a bowl or pitcher. If you’d like to filter the juice, lay a coffee filter or piece of cheesecloth in the strainer. Ensure the bowl is large enough to hold all of the apple juice.


Drain the apple juice through the strainer. Turn off the burner and spoon or ladle the apple mixture with juice into the strainer. Use a spoon to gently push down on the cooked apples so more juice drips into the bowl.


Cool and taste the apple juice. Leave the juice in the bowl to cool to room temperature and then taste it. If you’d like the juice to be sweeter, stir in a little sugar or honey. If the juice tastes too strong, pour in a little water to dilute it to your liking.


Refrigerate the apple juice for up to 1 week. Pour the apple juice into an airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator. For longer storage, freeze the apple juice for up to 6 months.You can also can the apple juice and store it for 6 to 9 months in your pantry.

Method Two of Two:
Blending Raw Apple JuiceEdit

1. Rinse and cut 4 apples into quarters.

Set the clean apples on a cutting board and remove the cores and seeds. You can leave the peels on the apples. Then cut each apple into 4 equal sized pieces.Use your favorite apples or try a mix of Gala, Fuji, Ambrosia, Honeycrisp, or Pink Lady.

2. Put the apples and 1⁄4 cup (59 ml) of cold water into a blender.

If you don’t have a high-speed blender, put the apples and water into a food processor. Put the lid on the blender or food processor.

3. Turn the blender to low speed before increasing to high.

Give the blender blades a chance to grab the chopped apples before you slowly turn the speed to high.

4. Blend the apples for 45 seconds on high speed.

If your blender has a tamper, use it to push the apples down towards the blades at the bottom. If it doesn’t, turn off your blender once or twice and use a long spoon to push the apples down.

The apples should be completely pureed.


Drain the apple juice through a fine mesh strainer. Set a fine mesh strainer over a bowl and spoon the pureed apple with juice into it. Let the juice drain through the strainer for about 10 minutes.You may need to stir the puree a little to release pockets of the juice.If you’d like to filter the juice, line the strainer with cheesecloth before you strain the apples. Then you can lift up and squeeze the cheesecloth to release the juice.


Serve the apple juice immediately.

Pour the juice into a glass and taste it. If the juice isn’t as sweet as you’d like, stir in a little honey or sugar. Enjoy the juice right away or cover and refrigerate it for up to 1 week.If you’d like to double or triple the batch so you can preserve it, can the juice and store it for 6 to 9 months. You can also freeze the juice in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

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