afia schwarzenegger

was an supporter but all of a sudden, she turned her back on the party and started supporting NPP.

A lot of people speculated that she was paid to do so.

But in an interview on UTV with , she explained that her reason for joining the NPP campaign train is because of ’s free SHS policy.

She said her children enjoyed from it.


“I no more support party, I support them because of their policies. If their policies are not good, I’ll support another party that has a better policy. When Free SHS started, we all thought it could not work but my children enjoyed it for 3 years. That’s why I supported Nana Addo for him to carry on with the agenda for another 4 more years. There are orphanages who after SHS end up as maids in house but because of free SHS, they now further their education”, she said.

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Watch the video below:

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