afia schwarzenegger

was an supporter but all of a sudden, she turned her back on the party and started supporting NPP.

A lot of people speculated that she was paid to do so.

But in an interview on UTV with , she explained that her reason for joining the NPP campaign train is because of Nana Addo’s free SHS policy.

She said her children enjoyed from it.


“I no more support party, I support them because of their policies. If their policies are not good, I’ll support another party that has a better policy. When Free SHS started, we all thought it could not work but my children enjoyed it for 3 years. That’s why I supported for him to carry on with the agenda for another 4 more years. There are orphanages who after SHS end up as maids in house but because of free SHS, they now further their education”, she said.

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Watch the video below:

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