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I saw my side-chic entering a hotel with another man but I still love her – Man

sad man

A confused man has messaged relationship counsellor, David Papa Bondze-Mbir, with an issue bothering him.

Read his full message below:

“Hi Dave,

I am seeing this very decent young lady that I am very interested in. I wouldn’t mind marrying her any day, however, my wife wouldn’t accept her or even acknowledge the thought of a second wife. And so due to this I have kept this other relationship a secret.

The young lady promised fidelity to only me. She assured me I was the only one she’s seeing and also, having sex with. But I saw her coming out of another man’s car, and then, entering into a hotel. I called her many times that instant before she finally answered my call. I asked where she was and she lied being at work. I wanted to enter the hotel premises to catch her in the lie, but I didn’t.

We met yesterday evening, and she was still insisting she was at work the whole of yesterday. Do I trust such a woman with my heart? Because I really love her, and want her for myself. “

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