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”I used to go out to drink, go and booze, smoke, get into fights on the streets” – Majid Michel reveals experiences before becoming born again

Majid Michel

Actor Majid Michel has claimed that before coming to faith in Christ, he experimented with drugs and got into street fights.

In an interview with Joy FM, the Ghanaian actor turned evangelist claimed that even though he knew God, there were times when he didn’t grasp the sermons and teachings he heard from the pastors.

Majid admitted to abusing narcotics before becoming born-again.

‘I used to go out to drink, go and booze, we go and smoke, get into fights on the streets. So I did some drugs; we tried something to see how it goes. We get into fights at Members next to Glenz at Osu.” He said

The evangelist cautioned youths to be careful of people they associate with, as they could influence them negatively.

“Friends are critical. Be careful in choosing them because those you associate with play a role in how your life turns out.

He added, “if you are listening to me out there, and you are a young guy be careful who you associate with as it has a serious consequence on your future”.

Majid also said he never sees himself as a churchgoer because he has never understood why he needed to be in church and has never enjoyed it.

“I’ve never enjoyed going to church. I don’t go to church because I despise getting out of bed in the morning. My siblings have teased me about it since I was a child. [While] in church, I said to my mother, ‘Mum, I want to eat bread and eggs.’ It’s too early for me, and I’ve never enjoyed church in my life, and I still don’t.

“My problem was that I never understood what they were teaching, and this was the source of my hunger as I grew older.

“I knew who God was, but I couldn’t understand the sermons and teachings I was hearing.” He said


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