‘I Wish I had a strong man I can lie in his arms every night’ – ‘Single’ Efia Odo

Efia Odo is gradually dying of singleness and she needs a very decent non-Kweku-Reveloe-like man to be ‘dieting' and ‘smooching' her all night.

The beautiful TV personality noted that she spends much time at work rather than her home because of the absence of a man in her life.

I actually love being at work rather than being at home.. still tryna figure out why. I mean maybe cuz I love my job, but maybe if I had some strong arms to go home to every night I would love being home rather . This is sad tho”. – Efia Tweeted.

Beautiful Efia Odo had suffered a lot of broken-hearts in recent time with her previous coming from ‘Wicked‘ Kweku Reveloe who intentionally came into her life just to give her some ‘Smooth Doggies' from the bed down to the sofa after which he dumped her.

I pray she get's someone to enjoy her big ‘Toto' in to avoid other calamities.

see Screenshot Below:

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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