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There has been a trending issue on social media. It is about a Ghanaian brilliant student who got denied admission to Achimota School because of his Rasta hairstyle.

Responding to his development on Facebook, former Member of Parliament, .

In a Facebook post, he wrote:


“Two brilliant Ghanaian students, I’m told, have had their admission into the prestigious Achimota School withdrawn. Their crime? They have dreadlocks.

The provisions of our constitution are clear. “No child shall be deprived by any other person of medical treatment, EDUCATION or any other social or economic benefit by reason only of religious or other beliefs.”

What the authorities in Achimota school have done constitutes a breach of articles 21(1)(c), 25(1), 26(1) 28(3) and 28(4) of our constitution. They have humiliated those kids on the basis of the kids’ Rasta culture. Not accepting them into the school because of their dreadlocks is degrading treatment which is frowned upon under article 28(3).

The school may have its rules, but those rules, and all other rules and laws are subservient to the constitution of . The supreme law of the land is the constitution.

I hope the decision would be reversed, in the overall best interest of the school and the affected children.”


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