Kofi Adjorlolo shed tears as he clashed with Elikem Kumordzie live on radio

Kofi Adjorlolo and clashed on Peace FM today and this caused the veteran to shed tears.

It all started when Mr Adjorlolo came out to cry that about 7 producers owe him money and they have refused to pay.

He said this isn’t at all as to how do they expect him to eat and be okay when they’re not paying him monies he rightfully deserved.

This caused other actors to come out and say that what Adjorlolo was saying is true. So producers must stop that bad behavior and do the right thing.

Well, who’s also an and a Fashion designer didn’t agree with his colleagues.

According to him, it’s necessary for every actor or actress to have a side doing so that they won’t depend entirely on monies from acting. So that in they’re not paid, they can be okay enough not to come on social media and be ranting.

He also noted that actors must sign contracts with producers concerning what they’ll be paid for their roles. So that when there’s a breach, they can do the needful to get their monies.

This has caused a lot of confusion.

So today, an Entertainment show on Peace FM invited Kofi Adjorlolo, Elikem Kumordzie, and Gloria Sarfo to hold discussions on this.

Some comments from Adjorlolo angered Elikem and this led to some verbal war. Thus, causing the veteran actor to cry.

Watch the video below:

[arve url=”https://bypapaga.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/000-1-2.mp4″ /]

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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2 thoughts on “Kofi Adjorlolo shed tears as he clashed with Elikem Kumordzie live on radio”

  1. The man is saying that the producers are owing him for a work he has done for them so why is Elikem bringing him being a tailor? Is he saying that other actors and actresses are not having other this as in business to do to earn other income?

    He is even lucky UNCLE KOFI did not ask him to go and apologise to his grandfather

  2. Eminem you are very shallow if not today I didn’t know… If you don’t want to complain and someone did what has it got to do with you. The fact that he is asking for his hard earned money he worked for doesn’t mean he is going hungry. Why don’t you sow for free and say you have an acting job to depend on or make sure you don’t go and ask any one owing you to pay up. Ah you are distracting this man and you are calling him uncle Jodi. nonsense


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