Blogger Kobby Kyei joined forces with others as they rant against showing of fake mallams and giving of lotto numbers on television channels.

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The so called Mallams and illuminati groups has dominated almost half of television stations in . When going through your television channels, you will definitely come across any mallam or lotto forecaster calling out to people to reach out to them for quick money.


Such things on our radio and television stations influence the young and uneducated ones who also intends to live a wealthy lifestyle at such young age.

Therefore, they will seek for any ways and means to also drive luxurious cars and live in mansions instead of working hard for such material things.

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A typical example is in the case of two teenage boys trying to sacrifice their friend for money rituals in Kasoa.

This and many more of immoral acts has caused one of the leading Ghanaian bloggers, Kobby Kyei joined forces with other celebrities as they rants over the viewing of lotto forecasters and Mallams that negatively influence the youth to break laws in the name of making money.

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Some television stations in Ghana encourage blood money but no one in authority speaks about it.” Raised by a verified twitter user ‘’.

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