Lionel Messi Wins UEFA Champions League Goal Of The Season


Lionel Messi’s free-kick goal against Liverpool has been voted as the UEFA Champions League Goal Of The Season.

The UEFA Champions League Goal Of The Season was scored at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium during the first leg of the Semi-final match that ended with Barcelona winning 3-0 against Liverpool. It has actually now been dubbed “the consolation” goal.

This is because Messi and the Barcelona team ended up losing the second leg of the semi-finals 4-0 to Liverpool and had to drop out while Liverpool went on to the finals. They eventually beat Tottenham Hotspur when they met at Madrid at the finals and became the UCL Champions of the season.

The goal itself was executed flawlessly as Messi had gone over the heads of all the players lined up in front of the goalpost. He put the goal out of the reach of Liverpool’s goalkeeper, Allison’s touch and it went straight into the top corner of the net.

Watch the goal again…

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