A gentleman shared a heartbroken story of how his girlfriend denied knowing him and walked away with another man.

‘Mrr Baiden’ a university’ student was dating one of his school lady colleagues and received a notice from her that she feels unwell hence her decision not to attend lectures.

As a loving and caring boyfriend, Baiden decided not to participate in a scheduled quiz nor attend lectures all for him to go and visit his sick girlfriend but quickly regret his action after it ended in tears for him.


According to him, he heard some noise indicating there is some action ongoing in his girlfriends room and decided to wait at the gate after all attempts to get her open the door failed.

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After 30 minutes of waiting, his girlfriend came out joyfully holding hands with another man and upon questioning what it means, she insist she has never met him in her entire life.

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Man Boycott Lectures & Quiz to go check on his sick girlfriend only to meet her in action with another man, she denies ever knowing him

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