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Marry your friend or someone you know very well for a long-lasting successful marriage

Marry your friend or someone you know very well for a long-lasting successful marriage

There are so many ideologies and analogies about marriage both in our local societies and foreign jurisdictions.

One thing that is of concern to many is whether their marriage will be joyous, lasting and successful or it will be intimidating, boisterous and painful.

When we take a careful glance around, we can notice that many marriages and homes are falling apart a few years after the nuptial was tied.

Counselors, pastors and various marriage specialists will profess several ideas and guidelines that can help sustain marriages. They may ask the wife to be submissive, the husband may be asked to be loving and caring and the home should be made a haven.

However, upon all these easy-to-say theories about how marriages can be built, we forget that without a foundation, the whole union is bound to collapse.

Foundations of marriages are not laid after kisses and rings have been exchanged. The foundation is laid long before the first date metamorphized into courtship.

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You can’t marry someone you don’t know, neither can you settle with someone you are not physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually compatible with.

That is when Friendship is important. Here, I am referring to Platonic Friendship which is not premised on romance or any strong unquantified feeling.

Platonic friendship provides both the man and woman the opportunity to know each other better, connect and build a firm foundation for marriage. In this kind of friendship, you are not pressured to necessarily please one another or to be at your utmost best.

Platonic friendship also improves your communication skills, teaches you more about the opposite sex, meets your supportive needs, shapes your habits, attitude, and character and becomes a precursor for an amorous relationship.

Enjoy the friendship as a friendship hence do not allow your emotional imbalances to force you to think the friendship is ripe for marriage. Give yourself enough time and study each other.

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Have you heard of couples who cannot have a decent conversation without heated arguments? Have you also heard of couples who blame each other for all the wrong reasons? Have you also heard of couples who fight, injure and sometimes murder one another?

These occurrences are not orchestrated by a devilish heavenly being. They are repercussions for marrying someone who was not your friend, for marrying someone spontaneously, and for marrying someone due to societal pressure thus trading your happiness for misery.

Build a strong friendship and when the foundation of your marriage is laid through this process, you will never regret a day in your matrimonial home.






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