Meaning of SARS in Nigeria


Here is the meaning of SARS in Nigeria. If you have been hearing about SARS which is trending in Nigeria at the moment, and you don’t know the meaning, then this post got you covered.

SARS is the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police Force unit under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police Anthony Ogbizi. It was disbanded on October 11, 2020 following a widespread protest from Nigerians worldwide.

What do SARS do?

They can stop you on the streets and do checks on you. They can go as far to collect your personal mobile phone to check what is on it.

SARS have also been doing house to house checks on even innocent people as well.

Why is SARS trending in Nigeria now?

Well, over the past few days, the Nigerian youths have decided to put an end to SARS because they have not been doing their jobs the way are supposed to do.

They have been harassing and killing innocent people on the streets instead of doing a peaceful checks on them to ensure the sanity and to maintain law and order in Nigeria.


Many people have lost their love ones because of SARS operation in the country Nigeria.

SARS do not undertake a good and peaceful checks on the people but are rather harassing them.

This severity of SARS operation has gotten to a point where the youths cannot take it any longer so they have taken to the streets to protest against them .

The Nigerian people are not ready for any reforms in the SARS but want it cleard off the system completely.

What is the Nigerian government doing to stop SARS?

The federal government of Nigeria has since dissolved the operation of SARS after the protest against them got to a point where some people have lots their lives.

President Buhari said: “I met again with the IGP tonight. Our determination to reform the police should never be in doubt. I am being briefed regularly on the reform efforts ongoing to end police brutality and unethical conduct, and ensure that the Police are fully accountable to the people. ”

He continued: “The disbanding of SARS is only the first step in our commitment to extensive police reforms in order to ensure that the primary duty of the police and other law enforcement agencies remains the protection of lives and livelihood of our people.”

Some Nigerian celebrities such as Davido, Wizkid, Falz, Runtown and others have joined the peaceful protesters on the streets to stop SARS OPERATIONS.

Davido protesting

Davido said: “No reform No change of oga No ban … we want it scrapped completely!!! #EndSARSImmediately”

He continued: “We want an Executive order, a Legislative action & a Judicial panel of enquiry set up to prosecute those rogues. Nothing more, nothing less!!”

Wizkid: “This is not about me/You or any individual !! This is for us and the next generation to come! Love everybody! ❤️”

Wizkid Twitter

Talks are still in place to end SARS.



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