Q thinks legalizing weed is a better option than legalizing homosexuality

Ghanaian musician is calling for the tactical legalization of the use of marijuana at the expense of LGBTQI.

Musician Q believes it would be worth it if government considers legalizing the use of marijuana.

According to him during an interview with Celebrities Buzz, the state of will derive a lot of benefits from its legalization.

He cited its medicinal and exportation relevance as a few of the benefits the legalization of weed could bring to Ghana.


However, Q explained that to reduce its over usage by the youths, structures should be put in place to check its usage.

Also, Q said he stopped smoking through the help of counselling after so many years of addiction to it.

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Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, musician Q has released his first dope single in the Ghanaian music industry dubbed ‘Joog Twice’ featuring FRD.

Listen To It Below:

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