Nigerian richest man in Africa, Alhaji reveals how his American Ex-girlfriend Autumn Spikes tried to get away with $5million from him.

On the 1st January, there was a video circulating on social media with Autumn Spikes and the richest man, stretching on a couch with part of his buttocks skin being captured in the video.

Reports from Premium Times indicated that Dangote filed civil suit against Autumn Spikes his ex-girlfriend.

In the petition, the richest man in Africa is demanding “excess of $30,000” from Autumn Spikes for injunctive relief.

Autumn Spikes was accused by the documents for defamation and breach of agreement in failure to keep her relationship with Dangote from public.

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According to the documents, Autumn Spikes sought for $5million from Dangote as a palimony, a term mostly used by Court which means, a sum of money a person is ordered by the court to pay regularly to a former partner whom were not married.

Her demand was tagged as meritless claim by the defendant.


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