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My husband doesn’t do anything to help me in our marriage – Depressed wife

depressed wife

Below is the cry of a depressed wife who needs our advice. Please comment with what you have to tell her after reading.

Dear tales,
I’m 33 years of age and married with a son. I live in Germany with my family. I lived in Holland and met my husband when I went on vacation with some friends in Germany.

We started going out and I got pregnant for him so I moved from Holland to live with him in Germany.

My family is in Ghana so his family went to my family and we did the traditional wedding in Ghana and our pastor blessed the marriage in Germany for us. It took me 3 years before I got a job.

My husband didn’t have his papers at the time we got married so the birth of our son helped him secure his papers and all this while he was home doing nothing.

So, I have been taking care of our family all by myself. We opened a joint account hoping he’ll also work and contribute now that he has his papers but nothing is coming from him.

I have asked him to look for a job so that he can help with rent and some other expenses at home but my husband keeps giving me excuses.

He managed to get a job on the 18th of June and then quit on the 21th of June. His reason for quitting is that, the company refused to let him bring the company car home.

My husband doesn’t help me with our son, neither does he help with the house chores.

I wake up early to take our son to school and close early to pick him up from school; I’ve had to reduce my hours at work to be able to be there for my son.
Because my dear, even if my husband picks our boy up from school, he will not feed him but wait for me to come back from work to feed him.

I regretted asking him to take our son to school because he didn’t give him breakfast or brush his teeth; they got to the school late so he missed the breakfast in school as well have a bad breath the whole day.

How can a father treat his own child like this? Making the school authorities ask questions. I’m tired of being the man of the house.

I work, and he spends the money.

I have decided to move back to Holland and start all over again but my pastor and mother are saying I shouldn’t leave my husband; I should rather stay with him and hope that things will get better, but I’m fed up and I want out. Please help me.

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