Nigerian man proposes to his girlfriend with a brand new Mercedes Benz.

Man gifts his girlfriend Mercedes Benz car after saying yes to his proposal (Video)

A Nigerian man has gone beyond and beyond to make his engagement to his fiancée memorable and ‘lavish.’

The young man stunned his girlfriend by proposing to her with a fresh new Mercedes-Benz as a gift for accepting his proposal.

In the video obtained by, the lady appears to be taken aback when she walks into a property and sees his partner on his knees with her pals clapping.

Friends encouraged the lady to accept his boyfriend’s proposal.

After a few moments of gathering her breath, the lady extended her hand, and her boyfriend placed the ring on her finger.

After the lady answered yes to the man, he showed the brand-new Mercedes-Benz automobile and surprised her by gifting it to her.

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Watch the video below: 


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