Dino Melaye, a Nigerian politician and Senator is receiving plaudits from Nigerians and other well-meaning people concerning something he said that makes lots of sense.

The Senator said on his Facebook handle that, everyone who held and is still holding any political office in Nigeria, whether elective or appointed including himself have failed the people of Nigeria.

“We have sold crude oil for 64years but we couldn’t feed our citizens for just 2 weeks of lockdown!! Well, the God of the poor will judge us all.. Senetor Dino added.

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This thought of the senetor is the sad reality. Oil makes up 90% of export in Nigeria. The country is the largest oil producer in Africa with the oil industry generating around 2.35 million barrels of oil every day and 113 million tonnes on annual basis but they could not feed the citizens for just two weeks.

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That problem is not only limited to Nigeria. In fact, that has been the major reason why many African countries are being reluctant on lockdown. The fear of not being able to feed the people. The question is: how do we manage all the resources we have? How much do we generate and how is such money preserved for development and situations like this?