’s decision to tweet about the upcoming valentine day has angered a Nigerian man who didn’t spare her for her Twitter activity.

Reports coming from the neighboring country indicates the police force are clashing with peaceful protesters again at Lekki Toll Gate.

A lot of superstars from the country has taken to their social media handles trying to use their status to send out a clear support and demanding justice for the victims but Yemi decided to do her own thing by advising her followers ahead of Vals day.

Her activity didn’t go well with one Jobby Yahaya who descend heavily on the musician with some distasteful words.

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“You are very senseless, sorry to say. A lot of celebrity are busy using their social handle to protest against bad governance and demanding for justice, you are here talking about Valentine” He wrote to Yemi Alade

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Nigerians call out Yemi Alade for tweeting about Vals day instead of supporting protesters.

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