indirectly shades and advised upcoming artist not to feature him.

Ogidi Brown is the CEO of OGB music record label and the former manager of Fameye. One will say he paved way for Fameye through his record label, after he released his first hit song “Nothing I get.”

However, Fameye has not been in good terms with his former manager after he left his record label. In the recent reports from Ogidi Brown, he said his former artist Fameye owes him an amount of $50,000, which even led to a certain shrine.

Ogidi Brown incidentally shades Fameye in a video he posted on his Instagram page, according to him, “If you are an upcoming artist and looking forward to feature any artist on a song, look for those who bares the letter “K” in their names, they are capable of giving hitsongs.” He said.

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He continued that, for those whose name start with letter “F” and “P”, they shouldn’t be featured on a song. It clearly shows that he is referring to his former artist, as his name “Fameye” starts with “F” and his other name “Peter” also begins with P.

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