A photo of a lady hawking a pointed nose mask is fast going viral online.

As a preventive measure against the spread of Coronavirus, most capital towns and cities in Ghana are enforcing that without nose masks, one cannot buy from shops, board a commercial vehicle among other things.

For that matter, some people are taking advantage of the moment to make money through the production of face masks.

So the latest face mask you can possibly see in town is a pointed one.

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See photo below:

pointed nose masks

What is the standard and approved face mask?

For effective and adequate protection, the FDA has advised the use of three-layered face/nose masks made up of calico fabric.

Another option, according to the Authority, is the use of two-layered calico with a stiff fabric in between.

The Authority also cautioned the public against using printed-fabric for nose masks as it was dangerous to one’s health due to the chemical composition.

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It said institutions which had opted for custom-made masks were advised to use calico for the first and second layers and then use the institutions’ official cloth for the third or outer layer.

The FDA urged the public to patronise the approved face/nose masks for protection to help minimise the spread of the coronavirus.