princess shyngle marriage video

Actress has posted a video with a lengthy romantic worded caption on her Instagram page, updating her followers that she has finally married her best friend.

She claims she has been friends with Mr. Bala-Gaye for the past 10 years—he has been her 8th grade crush.

Unbeknownst to them, they have crossed paths again after these numerous years and their true friendship has blossomed into marriage.

She wrote:

I just married my best friend 💍 ❤️

My crush since 8th grade 🤩 even though you didn’t use to look my way back then 🤣😂 the only man I ever hit on numerous times but I had no luck 😂🤣 instead you choose to be my friend for over 10 years , little did either of us knew we were gonna end up together 💃🏽❤️🥰. Our real and genuine friendship brought us together and made our relationship and bound stronger than ever 🥰❤️. I’m still taking it all in and I know all this would not have been possible without Allah 🙏🏽 I’m blessed to be married to my childhood crush, my forever crush, my best friend, gossip partner and love of my life ❤️🥰💃🏽.. Mrs Bala-Gaye 4life ❤️🥰🥰❤️ I’m officially a wife 🥰❤️💃🏽💃🏽

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Watch the video below:

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