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Prophet TB Joshua’s prophecy about Iran and America

Prophet TB Joshua's prophecy about Iran and America

Yesterday 5th Jan. 2020 saw Prophet TB Joshua releasing Prophecies for the year 2020.

The Prophecy is in 2 parts, he released only Part 1 while we wait for the second part after it is thoroughly confirmed by God.

Well, the anointed man of God made some prophecies about the nation Iran and America.

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See them below:

About America, he said:

4. America should invest more in agriculture because their economy will be affected. The economy they see today will be affected, so they should invest in agriculture and encourage their farmers. Also, approach to the security issue will affect the candidates and swing voters in the next election. It will be tough in the election. They should pray against a recount. It may be too tight.

About Iran, he said:

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 An incident will happen to the nation Iran that will cause panic throughout the world. We are praying to know the mind of God concerning this.



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