Say sorry to yourself if you are One of the people who thinks the dancehall beef is over because doesn’t end beefs in such short time.

“Herrrr l just woke up….Did he say Gob3 😂 on a battlefield, Nigga must be hungry Shiiiitttrrr” Shatta wrote

’s most recent song directed to Shatta Wale was titled ‘Gob3’ which translates ‘beans‘. In fact even me myself l’m still wondering how he will choose such tittle when dissing someone like Shatta Wale who is well known for finding a little way of hitting you back hardly.

Well he just did, Shatta Wale trying to mock his rivals choice of title claim, the High Grade Family Boss was hungry before recording the said song and has appetite for beans, the reason he use it.

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Samini might have been hungry before recording Gob3 song - Shatta Wale

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