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Member of Parliament for the North Tongu in the Volta region, has donated 30 laptop computers to all elected Assemby Members in his constituency.

He said the kind gesture is to help them go about their duties which require a computer efficiently and effectively.

Sharing photos of the donation via his Facebook page, the Honorable Member of Parliament wrote:


“I was in my beloved constituency earlier today to make a donation of 30 laptop computers to all elected Assembly Members and the Presiding Member of the North Tongu District Assembly.

This modest contribution is to help them carry out their important local government functions more efficiently as they improve their service delivery in respective electoral areas to our collective benefit. I have in the recent past made similar laptop donations to teachers, nurses and doctors.

I also took the opportunity to take the Assembly Members through the People’s Manifesto, particularly, the sections relating to local government and explained to them how a Presidency from January 7, 2021 will pay all Assembly Members; increase the DACF from 5% to 7.5%; empower chiefs to appoint 30% members as a departure from current government appointments and other raft of far reaching local government policy reforms which the as local government pioneers is committing to.




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