Actress Lydia Forson and musician Wanlov the Kuborlor recently sparked rumours that they were seeing each other.

At a public event, the duo were seen caressing themselves in a manner which shows that there’s something sure cooking between them.

lydia forson and wanlov

From Lydia’s reaction towards Wanlov, we even concluded that she was warming his beds already.

Well, the love birds have yet dropped another hint that they’re sure making out.

Lydia Forson made a post about this time being an Alasa season. (Alasa is a popular local Ghanaian fruit).

From nowhere the alleged new found love, Kubolor jumped under the post and wrote: “hani pls r u home? I need a samtin”.

There and then Lydia Forson also responded and wrote: “@wanlov see I know how to catch your eye ? ? I know what you need paaaaaa”.

Screenshot below:

lydia forson and wanlov