English singer-songwriter, Robbie Williams has made a shocking disclosure that he hasn’t owned a mobile phone since 2006 and has no access to his social media accounts.

Speaking on the latest episode of Back of the Net, the 45-year-old father of three revealed: ‘I haven’t owned a phone since 2006. ‘I’m always on my computer, I’ve always got Wi-Fi… I got rid of it because I just don’t like them.’

He also disclosed that his official Instagram and Twitter accounts are being managed by people and not him.

‘I don’t have my password to anything otherwise my career would be over,’ he admitted. ‘I tell several people what to put on there and then that gets vetted and then it doesn’t go on. ‘It will be like a walkie-talkie to my mum, my dad, my wife or my kids…everything else gets done by email.’