Tupac Shakur may be dead, but his thoughts still remain relevant even in Today’s world. His behavior and views on religion confused a lot of people who ended up tagging him a bigot but in truth, majority of these critics do not understand the difference between RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY.

Although he believed in God, Tupac saw religion as a grand scheme set up by some few people to control the masses hence his consistent attacks on the concept and numerous attempts to enlighten people to wake-up from this slumber. In an interview captured in the video below, Tupac disclosed his general perception of religion.

He clearly stated that, his idea of religion is that, if you take one of the O’s from the word Good, you will get God and if you add a D to Evil, it’s the Devil. This trickery made him thought and said that, “some cool motherf****rs said long time ago, let’s figure out a way to control motherf****rs and that’s what they came up with, it’s the bible and so on. […] if the bible was real, there would have been a revised version”

The Man who is considered one of the most significant rappers in world history believed that, the church is one of the problems of society. According to him, our societies would have been a better place if churches give half of the money they have been making from the people, back to the various communities. He also added that, “If they take half the buildings that they use to praise God and give it to the motherf****rs (homeless people) who need God we’d be ‘aight.”

The rapper reiterated his believe in hard-work and karma by saying that; “I believe God blesses those that hustle, those that use their mind and those that overall are righteous. I believe that your karma, everything that you do bad, comes back to you. So anything that I’m doing that’s bad, I’m gonna have to suffer for, but I feel in my heart, what I’m doing is right, you know what I mean, so I feel like I’m going to heaven.”

Watch the full video below:




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