“It is only those with Sand In their heads Who don’t see anything wrong with Soldiers Guarding Jean Mensa”— Manasseh Azure

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Award winning Investigative Journalist; Manasseh Azure Awuni Have said one does not need to be a hater of the Akufo Addo led government to see how wrong it is to reduce the military to protecting Jean Mensa and Private legal practitioners like Frank Davies but then anyone with Brains and not sand in his hand … Read more

“Jean Mensa is Not Fit for the Purpose, She Should Resign”— Franklin Cudjoe

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President of Imani Africa Mr Franklin Cudjoe has said The chairperson of the Electoral Commission is not fit for purpose and should resign after the Petition hearing. In a post on Facebook admitting he was wrong to have thought the former boss of Institute of Economic Affairs(IEA) Boss Jean Mensa has what it takes to … Read more

Jean Mensa Biography: All you need to know about the Ghanaian EC Boss

Jean Mensa

Jean Mensa born Jean Adukwei Mensa is a Ghanaian lawyer and the current Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana. She was initially the Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs before she became the Electoral Commission’s Chairperson. Full Name She was born Jean Adukwei Mensa but she is widely known as Jean Mensa. Education Jean … Read more