“Jean Mensa is Not Fit for the Purpose, She Should Resign”— Franklin Cudjoe

President of Imani Africa Mr Franklin Cudjoe has said The chairperson of the Electoral Commission is not for purpose and should resign after the Petition hearing.

In a on Facebook admitting he was wrong to have thought the former of Institute of Economic Affairs(IEA) Boss Jean Mensa has what it takes to hold a sensitive like the chairperson of the Electoral Commission. Mr Cudjoe said he was one of the few people who had high believe in Mrs. Jean Mensa when she was appointed as the EC boss.

Mr.Franklin Cudjoe maintained that, it cannot be any good for the chairpersons of the Electoral Commission if they will have to to work or move around with heavily armed personnel because they have lost the trust of of Ghana.

His reads “We need to move on. If I were the EC, I’d resign after this court hearing. It is not healthy to be distrusted by of Ghanaians and be guarded by loads of soldiers each time they are going to work. Frankly, I was wrong. My own former at the IEA isn’t cut out for the EC job. Many forget I was the only CSO leader to publicly hail Mrs. Mensa’s appointment as EC for several months. I had extensive phone conversations with her on what minefields she must navigate..but alas she was taken. I want the real Mrs. Jean Mensa, my former boss back doing what she knows best- think tanking.”

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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