Can you smoke in Islam?


People who follow Islam are called Muslims. Muslims consider Allah, who is named that in Arabic, to be the only all-powerful deity. Islam strives for complete submission to Allah in every facet of life. Despite having a free will, people believe that nothing can happen without Allah’s blessing. You must hold the conviction that Allah … Read more

Is smoking a haram?


The word “haram” in Arabic means “forbidden.” In contrast, it might be a reference to something evil and therefore a “sinful deed that is forbidden to be done.” This could be a reference to anything holy to which those who are not pure or initiated into the divine knowledge are not authorized. The Arabic term … Read more

Keith Richards Reveals How He Quit Smoking Cigarettes

attachment keith richards rolling stones 2018

Simply over two years in the past, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards revealed that he had stop one in every of his longstanding habits — smoking cigarettes. The notoriously hard-partying rocker has curbed his use of different substances as properly in recent times and, in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Richards revealed simply how he was … Read more