The Number of people following a mad man on Instagram shows we are not ready to change as a country – Streetbeatz

Ghanaian producer, Streetbeatz is left astonished by the the number of people who follow an alleged mad with the handle Mona Mobl3 on Instagram.

Tagged as a Celibrity Mad man, The became a social media sensation after a video of him talking about how mad men live a stress free live went on all social platforms.

Our observations indicate his Instagram account, created just fee days ago has already hit over 15,000 followers on the App leading yo a reaction from Streetbeatz. The producer believes the country has a long way go if an alleged mad ’s account can attract such followers.

“If we are a country that is for change, like over 15k people of the citizens nogo follow mad on IG….y3ble3333 oooo awww Ghana” Streetbeatz wrote.


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